Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Triumphant Purchasing.


What is the opposite of buyer's remorse? Some would say buyer's satisfaction; others would identify it as a positive disconfirmation. I would definitely categorize it as a SHOPPING TRIUMPH! This is probably what keeps me a faithful consumer. I love shopping triumphs, and I especially love a SICK deal! My friends joke that I have the disease where I am physically unable to pay full price.

So, when a local bath and beauty boutique had an unreal sale, I stocked up. (We're talking $2 and up!) I bought a little bit too much, but I'll share a few of my favorite shopping triumphs from the day. And let me add, I'm going to be in trouble when I'm ready for refills.

  1. My new favorite bath line is definitely Fresh. The products work. The fragrances are always right on key—never too sweet, and always effortless. I especially loved the Rice Sake Bath. At first, I was skeptical. I hate feeling "filmy" when I use these sorts of products. The sake bath, however, was totally luxurious and clean. It smells like apricots, champagne, and sake and it did wonders for my sore muscles!
  2. My new favorite color combination when it comes to eyeshadow is a polished pink base with a deep, dark, metallic green smoking. I've been converted to Bare Mineral's shadows for a long time, but I've found two perfect new colors for my new green 'n pink strategy. Gal Pal is a light, shimmery pink and Tortoise is a deep, dark forest with gold flecks.
  3. NARS has always been my go-to for blush and eyeshadow. I snapped up a new color that I lo-ove. California is a deep, burnt orange bronze. It's a nice contrast that makes my green eyes look GREEN. Definitely an attribute that I like to showcase.
  4. Speaking of NARS, did you know that they make candles? Scratch that—they make fah-bulous candles. The pictured one is called Acapulco. It smells chocolate-y and floral at the same time—weird, I know, but it works well. The best part is that awesome black wax and holder! I also bought the white candle in Bosphorus—and I swear, it smells EXACTLY like my L'eau de'Issey perfume by Issey Miyake. Both of them smell fantastic and are strong even when they aren't lit.
  5. Back to Fresh—I officially love anything in their Fig Apricot fragrance, namely the body wash. Moisturizing, clean, and leaves you smelling like flowers, fruit, and a little bit of grass allll day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

'Tis better to give.

Some people just have it-- fantastic and mysterious gift-giving abilities.
I happen to be so lucky to have friends that are fabulously intuitive when it comes to giving
just the right gift.
My 21st just recently passed, and I fell in love with all the lovely things my lovely
friends surprised me with!

1. My best friend since high school has always given me "clusters" of thoughtful
gifts. This gift's theme was birds and pink (see #6). I'm completely in love with
this Lollia tall luminary in Imagine. The scent is subtle and complex, floral and fruity.
This thing has a super-long burning time, too!

2. My older sister and brother-in-law (and their 6 month old little boy!) got me the most fantastic
cookbook that has just recently been translated into English. It's called "1080 Recipes" and
has been a bestseller in Spain for years. My favorite part are the bright, crayon illustrations. Genius!

3. Okay, so I was the gifter in this case, but I still love these! These Matryoshka measuring cups
from Anthropologie are delightful for anyone who loves cooking and baking.

4. My mom and younger sister jointly gifted me the Chi Low EMF hair dryer. I had received one
for a previous birthday, but fried it in a faulty wall socket :(! This dryer does magical things
for my super-fine, flat hair. Just 2 minutes with this thing and I'm ready to go with
gorgeous, flouncy locks! It's a can't-live-without-it situation.

5. My boyfriend gave me a hefty G.C. to one of New Orleans' best spas. I'm planning a 20/20/20 massage
and an organic facial!

6. My best friend from #1 also tucked a bottle of "Pink Champagne" by Andre' into her gift bag.
The best gifts always have a wonderful mix of chi-chi and cheap. And tell me,
who can't enjoy a glass of $4 carbonated White Zin with a girlfriend?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Giam, Giam!

Giambattista Valli's Pre-Fall line features copious amounts of wood-grain! Who's excited? Me, me, me!!

Also, I am now regretting the non-purchase of several Hanii Y leather jackets.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's begin.

I am a college student, living in a roomy condo all by my lonesome. I work in high-end retail and am a couple of semesters from graduating undergraduate. (Not so exciting. Call me in three years when I am excited.) I wear designer clothing, eat gourmet organic from my Martha Stewart cookbooks, and love design and great advertisements.

At the moment, the demise of Domino has made me blue. I have been making frequent trips to apartmenttherapy.com and drooling at the thought of a Living Etc. subscription for a mere... $170.57! Very sad.

Brits! Please bring your beautiful glossy stateside! We need you more than ever!

Let's talk Lanvin. The Spring '09 collection made its way to style.com today, as I found out in my financial markets class. Makeup, gorgeous. And this little number? Die.

Totally flawless, as usual, Alber.